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We have launched our website today! Please not it’s not 100% finished but within the next few days everything will be sorted.

So within out website we have made some big changes. First of all we have changed how applications work for staff. If you wish go apply for staff we have a specific email to do this instead of using discord. This also includes reports on players. We have done this to keep things more organised as well as to keep any arguments out of our community. All reports will be done privately.

We are introducing Youtubers and Streamers advertisement. If you use YouTube or twitch you can apply to be advertised on our website. This also includes a shoutout on our discord server everytime you go online or post a new video. As of now before you go online if you like a custom title please let our staff know until we have sorted special user accounts for you. If this is something you would like please email us at apps@runawaycommunity.com. The only requires are putting our community in the description and keep your stream friendly.

Matches and competitions will be introduce later this year when we meet a certain amount of users in our community. We will be doing doing different games such as Overwatch, CSGO, Rust and many more. With prizes!

This website is still in progress so, please bear with us while we sort the last things out and open our Rust server which will be on Thursday.

Thanks for reading

Runaway Networks Team.

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